Employment Opportunities

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) 

Position Requirements:

Individual with a license or certification in the medical field. Research experience preferred but not required. Strong organizational and communication skills as well as professionalism are mandatory. Desired computer proficiency skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook as well as Internet proficiency. 

Position Summary:

  • Coordinates the development, organization, implementation, and execution of clinical research trials in the indication of Neurology and multidisciplinary research.
  • Coordinator will assist the Investigator(s) in acquiring and analyzing data.
  • Promotes, restores and maintains patient wellness using balanced clinical judgments and critical thinking skills during the patient’s involvement in clinical research.
  • Coordinator will continually communicate the progression, strengths and problems of study protocols to sponsors, CROs, monitors, Director of Clinical Research, as well as the Principal Investigator. CRC will act as a liaison between Principal Investigator and Study Sponsor promoting the successful completion of the study while adhering to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.
  • Coordinator will continuously assist the Director of Clinical Research in the successful management, implementation and conduction of clinical trials. She/he will assist in the training and education of new coordinators as instructed by the Director of Clinical Research.
  • Promotes and participates as a team member in the daily function of the Research Department and will put forth all efforts to promote a positive/healthy working environment for all within the department.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Organize the implementation of clinical research trials
  • Screen all participating clinic office patients for appropriate trial
  • Assist other coordinators in screening, enrollment and patient follow-up visits as advised by the Clinical Director
  • Coordinate trials as a Primary Coordinator and also be assigned a supportive role as back-up coordinator for other CRCs.
  • Promotes subject recruitment through various advertising plans (after proper regulatory approvals- Sponsor/IRB), networks with referring providers and community resources to promote and maintain patient enrollment.
  • Determine effective strategies for retaining participants in clinical trials.
  • Act as a liaison with the research community, sponsors, pharmaceutical and device representatives and monitors in recruiting potential new studies to the site.
  • Directly responsible for research study recruitment, maintaining research study contracted quotas.
  • Communicates with the Clinical Director and Investigators regarding enrollment on a frequent basis.
  • Identifies and works to solve problems that may arise while a study is being conducted.
  • Attends professional investigator/coordinator meetings as needed to assure the accuracy of protocol implementation and maintain required training.
  • Acts as a site representative during attendance promoting the site, networking and developing potential business.
  • Educates and in-services fellow research coordinators and office/clinic staff members on protocol requirements.
  • Updates physicians, fellow coordinators, and office/clinic staff on protocol changes.
  • Ensures required training is completed and documented.
  • Corresponds and communicates between IRB, PI, and Sponsor to facilitate implementation of protocol.
  • Responsible to notify the Clinical Director of patient study related serious adverse events, adverse events with trending, safety issues, non-compliance, deviations, Endpoints and study related charges/billing issues. All reporting will be done with transparency.
  • Help to ensure that a research staff member is always available when the doctor is seeing patients to consult with potential referrals.

Interested candidates please forward CV to haitham.abulaban@axiomclinical.com

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